From setup to implementation of your business rules to a seamless data transfer, the H2 development and support teams make adoption easy

H2 FinTech offers a variety of tools to ensure the greatest functionality, productivity, and value to each of our clients. We first want to thoroughly understand your business needs so we can recommend appropriate Nexus platform modules that can relieve pressure points and deliver the most value. Our team can help identify other opportunities in your business where a Nexus module can provide additional process automation or multiply the productivity of your human resources. Additionally, we can suggest ways to configure platform functionality to specifically reflect your existing business procedures.

Nexus is configured to meet your business needs

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H2 Offers a Comprehensive Suite of Services

Comprehensive Support for Implementation & Integration

Our implementation team will make your transition to H2 FinTech’s Nexus platform a quick and effortless set up. We’ll help ensure comprehensive data migration for the functionality you need and to deliver the results you expect. Our experience in the financial services industry combined with our superior integration and support teams ensures you are up and running quickly.

Firm & Process-focused Training & Follow-up

As every organization works differently, our training program is customized to your specific needs and the way you operate to maximize the platform’s accessibility. We provide basic and advanced training on the modules as well as help configuring any of the module process rules to reflect your business to make Nexus work the way you work. We’ll train your team on how they will be using the platform with your data in your environment, according to your rules.

Quick Response Tailored Solutions

Even with the Nexus platform’s flexibility, your firm may have unique scenarios that require more personalized customization. Our team will work closely and collaboratively with your firm to evaluate your special requirements and find new ways to help you attain more value and drive your operational efficiency and success. Because we use the same tools you use on a daily basis, be assured that our team is focused where you’re focused to create the best solution for you in the shortest amount of time.

Continual Enhancements & Performance Upgrades

As we learn more about our clients’ business needs, we’ll turn that knowledge into enhanced Nexus functionality or improve performance and make that available for your use without charge. For example, Reg BI is essential for all companies, so it was created at no cost and made available for any firm to use.