RIA Overview

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the increasing regulatory and compliance requirements in the current RIA business environment?

Let Nexus enterprise platform simplify it for you.

Today’s regulatory and compliance requirements create challenges of oversight, workflow management and administrative complexity. For RIAs, it’s often difficult to determine where to start. These operational demands often detract from time better focused on creating financial value and developing relationships with clients. H2’s Nexus is the command center of the RIA’s data network. Programs essential to the modern RIA are systematically integrated into Nexus to provide a comprehensive back office and Advisor support system.

A solution for your day-to-day challenges

The Nexus platform provides more all-inclusive features for less cost than larger enterprise software providers. By having a comprehensive, integrated, configurable solution that focuses on delivering operational efficiencies for just a single issue or to cover nearly all areas of your business, your organization can work smarter - increase productivity, reduce costs, and save you time.

Command and control infrastructure for the financial advisory industry

Developed by tech professionals with a history and understanding of regulatory challenges for financial services firms, the Nexus platform has a sophisticated and robust financial management DNA. At its core, Nexus meets your daily operating needs and combines it with the processing power needed to deliver more value through real-time automation. It eliminates repetitious administrative and workflow tasks while providing granular oversight plus management transparency. In addition, the platform provides your firm with high-level client confidentiality, data privacy, and robust cyber security protection.

Nexus platform software provides outstanding:

  • Nine-in-One Functionality — built-in, integrated capabilities usually found across 9 separate industry-used software programs deliver outstanding performance and maximum value
  • Your Work Your Way Flexibility — modular functionality can easily be selected and configured to solve your most urgent business process needs and operate to reflect your internal processes and how you do business in your own firm
  • Support for Growth Scalability — ability to scale as you grow — whether within a single office or at multiple locations

Experience Nexus

Smart productivity that yields value for financial services firms and staff.

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Highly integrated data management systems to strengthen the Investment Advisor firm

  • Detailed Advisor Compensation
  • Books and Records Management
  • Compliance and Supervision
  • Workflow and Middle Office Solutions
  • Renewals Processing
  • SEC and IRS Reporting
  • Available Integrations