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Quantum gives financial advisors the information they need when they need it for daily life in the field

With literally terabytes of data at your finger tips, it has never been easier for the financial professional to keep up with their growing books of business. The versatility of Quantum allows for a look at business with a traditional custodian such as Schwab, Pershing, or Fidelity or the thousands of direct custodians available in the system, for example American Funds and Jackson National Life. With your book at your fingertips, you can access your data via your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Gain powerful insights into your client base

Quantum makes it easy to leverage powerful finance analytics to explore and analyze accounts in a unified fashion within the dashboard. The dashboard combines multiple sources of data to provide a complete and accurate financial picture of the assets you manage for your clients. This enables you to explore consolidated, near-real-time data in any direction directly from a single dashboard.

This not only streamlines financial reporting, it puts the power of sophisticated data analytics for advanced forecasting, budgeting, and planning directly into your hands. By spending less time preparing data using spreadsheets, Quantum allows you to spend more time identifying ways to reduce costs and increase profitability.

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Smart productivity that yields value for financial services firms and staff.

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A Look at the Interface

Our financial reporting dashboard can show you high-level visualization of key performance indices (KPIs) such as revenue by client, revenue by account, revenue by product, and revenue by custodian. With so much historical data in the Nexus data repository, Quantum allows you to see your revenue over competing periods of time and track your growth trajectory by using easy-to-read visuals.

Ever wonder what your risk adjusted performance looks like for an account, a client, or your whole book? Our Risk Adjusted Performance dashboard will show you returns by each risk tolerance level and each investment objective. It will allow drill downs from the highest level to the actual end of a client account.

Account opening has never been easier when using the new Quantum Leap feature. With a simple touch on the Start a New Account button, you will launch one of the most sophisticated account opening tools in the industry. The system generates a Leap Code™. You will have the ability to send this code to your client via text, email, or they may scan the code directly from a desktop. Next, the client (or the financial professional) can enter the data required by your custodian or BD to open the account with the custodian directly from Quantum. Please note, this process is limited to those custodians which allow direct paperless transactions.