BD: Portfolios & Compensation

Looking for consistency in how your trades, billing, and commissions are handled across all touchpoints within your firm?

Nexus offers the control needed to automate your day-to-day operations.

Powering the fundamentals for Broker-Dealers

The Nexus platform provides robust and sophisticated functionality to power your trades, billing, and commissions activities. Its processes organize and analyze incoming data for the back office and Registered Representatives to use efficiently. The built-in flexibility allows you to configure the platform to reflect your own procedures and the way you do business with integrated and automated day-to-day operations to streamline processes.

Control and configure

With protocols based on the WSP (Written Supervisory Procedures) in place, Nexus allows the back office to control how trades and payment information are handled at every step from data entry to payout to the Registered Representative. The back office and Broker-Dealer can create and maintain highly customized investment portfolio plans. By setting system parameters to identify how your hybrid managed accounts should be performing, Nexus centralizes the information and streamlines the tasks involved.

The result is a comprehensive approach that makes your trading and payments activities more efficient by increasing productivity, reducing ongoing costs, and providing detailed, consistent monitoring and compliance capabilities.

Experience Nexus

Smart productivity that yields value for financial services firms and staff.

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Trades, Billing & Commissions

  • Fully integrated payment processing system
  • Multi-source data feeds with ability to add more as needed
  • Produce Advisor accessible payroll statements and 1099s (MISC/NEC/DIV)
  • Numerous standard reports available to provide insight on earnings within specified timeframes
  • Automatically hold payments based on compliance or operational issues
  • Honor virtually any payout arrangement
  • Configurable payment cycle frequency
  • Create rules to allow for notifications to flag transactions for review

Investment Portfolio Plans for Hybrid BD & RIA Firms

  • Built-in fee billing system integrated within the payment processing system
  • Highly flexible, unified billing configurations
  • Model management that also allows the firm to operate in its own advisory TPAM program with its own model “marketplace”
  • Automated financial parameters to maintain compliance or a managed account’s balance
  • Reverse churning rules to help review every account daily
  • High cash alerts to help maintain a strong central core of cash management