About H2 FinTech

Real-world experience with regulatory agencies in the financial services industry

Founded by industry experts, H2 FinTech has more than 26 years of experience in solving the regulatory challenges of the financial services industry. H2 FinTech’s Nexus platform provides an extensive range of applications in one dashboard. The platform is trusted by professionals and utilized by more than 3,600 daily users from top financial services companies. As a company, H2 is dedicated to bringing innovative technology and software solutions to the financial industry. Our goal is simple — to develop and deliver versatile solutions and outstanding value not currently available on the market to address the day-to-day challenges of Advisors and the financial service companies that support them.

Solutions through software

At our core, we believe that our primary business purpose is providing solutions for our clients that solve their most time-consuming operational issues. We collaborate with you to solve your real-world business challenges as you deal with an increasingly complex compliance-heavy and regulated financial world. As members of a co-operative business alliance, we will work collectively to address the business processes and performance needs of today as well as new challenges that may arise in the future.

Command & Control for Financial Services Professionals

H2 FinTech’s Nexus platform offers a powerful modular SaaS* solution providing outstanding flexibility that permits you to activate the specific functionality you need to address your most demanding operational issues. Delivering the most impact to increased value and bottom-line results, our Nexus platform includes a comprehensive integrated workflow system that enables you to automate tasks and notifications, free up staff resources for management, compliance, and supervision, while increasing transparency and process oversight.

* SaaS — software as a service

Rapid Deployment, Easy to Use & Outstanding Value

As a cloud-based system, the Nexus enterprise platform features quick setup, simple implementation, and outstanding ease of use that immediately begins to build value for your business as well as your clients. It is highly configurable to adopt your WPS so that it can be set up to conform to the way you do business. As regulations or compliance issues evolve, the platform can automatically provide functionality to address those changes. Best of all, the Nexus platform provides more all-inclusive features for less cost than larger enterprise software providers. By having a comprehensive, configurable solution that focuses on delivering operational efficiencies to nearly all areas of your business, your organization can work smarter - increase productivity, reduce costs and improve bottom line results.